Valisafe Class 6 Indicators (200 Strips)

Valisafe Class 6 Indicators (200 Strips)

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Class 6 Indicator (3.5 mins)

200 Test Strips
Colour change: yellow to blue/purple
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  • Conforms to EN ISO 11140–1 Type 6
  • Specifically calibrated to 3.5 min at 134˚C cycle
  • Class 6 emulating indicator
  • Monitors critical parameters
    – Time
    – Temperature
    – Steam
  • For use in every tray or item
  • Clear and abrupt colour change
  • Easy to interpret – easy to record
  • Non-toxic / Lead free
Routine monitoring of sterility assurance levels in every tray and/or pack. These indicators are calibrated specifically to your cycle requirements. Valisafe Class 6 indicators offer validated security that every tray or item has been effectively processed, thereby providing a direct link between the sterility of the items and the patient.

When would you use a Class 6 Indicator?

  • As an optional and supplementary testing protocol on top of required IQ/OQ/PQ (See AS 4815:2006 7.7.8 & Table 7.1)
  • Where on-site technical support is not available to achieve calibration, operational qualification and performance qualification for new sterilisers, temporarily loaned sterilisers, or sterilisers returned following maintenance or repair, additional monitoring with a Class 5 or Class 6 chemical indicator shall be used in every pack in every load... (AS 4815:2006
  • For existing steam sterilisers where no permanent record of the physical parameters of each cycle is obtained, either by print-out or by direct observation, a biological/enzymatic indicator or a Class 4, 5 or 6 chemical indicators shall be used with each load (AS 4815:2006