Privacy Policy

Scientific Technical Services (Australia) Pty Ltd trading as STS Health (STS Health) is committed to ensuring that personal information is professionally managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and all relevant State legislation (Privacy Legislation).

The Privacy Act contains the National Privacy Principles which, in conjunction with other Privacy Legislation, sets the standards for the way in which private organisations, such as STS Health, handle personal information.

In this Policy where we refer to:

  • “personal information”, this means information which identifies an individual or from which an individual’s identity can be reasonably ascertained; and
  • “you” or “your”, this means the customer or end-user of certain steriliser products and other health related equipment (Products) and related testing, service and repairs for such Products sold or provided by or on behalf of STS Health.

This policy sets out how we may collect, use and disclose certain types of personal information which we obtain from or about you, how we ensure that that information is kept secure, and how you can obtain access to that information.

STS Health may, from time to time, review and update this Privacy Policy to take account of new laws and technology, changes to STS Health’s operations and practices.

Why we need to collect personal information

  • The service department of STS Health provides testing, service and repairs for medical and dental equipment and other Products.  STS Health maintains records of customers as part of its service business and to assist in the traceability of Products.

Data required for traceability of Products

In order to assist in the traceability of Products, STS Health collects and keeps updated certain information relating to the end-user of the Products.  Such information includes the following:

  • name and address of end user;
  • model, serial number and/registration number of certain equipment installed;
  • installation, alteration and maintenance/service reports.

We may use an agent from time to time to collect and share such information.  The agency will have possession of certain information about you which is contractually required to be collected by the agent on our behalf.  This Policy covers that information.  However, by virtue of section 6D(4)(c) of the Privacy Act the agent itself is not a small business operator (as that term is defined in the Privacy Act) and is not required to have a separate privacy policy.

How we treat your information confidentially

Apart from the uses listed above or otherwise permitted under the Privacy Legislation, using or disclosing your personal information will be done only with your consent.  In addition, your information will be disposed of confidentially.

How we keep your information secure

Your personal information is stored on our electronic systems which are password protected and accessible only by our authorised staff.

Your rights to access

Under the Privacy Act, you generally have the right to access the personal information that we hold about you. This includes information we store electronically on a computer database, as well as documents which make up your personal record.

Withdrawing consent

If you would like to withdraw this consent at any time, please contact STS Health.

Further information

Should you require any further information regarding this Policy please contact STS Health at (08) 9244 4628, PO Box 1810, MALAGA WA  6944,