Rack - Mocom Chamber
Rack - Mocom Chamber

Rack - Mocom Chamber

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Stainless Steel wire racks capable of fitting multiple trays, for use with Mocom sterilisers.  Note that 5 tray versions can also be rotated to a 3 tier configuration if more height is needed.

17L version compatible with:

  • Millennium B, B+
  • Exacta S
  • Classic 17L 
  • Futura 17L
  • Supreme 17L

22L version compatible with:

  • Millennium B2
  • Exacta S2
  • Classic 22L
  • Futura 22L
  • Supreme 22L

28L version compatible with:

  • Classic 28L
  • Futura 28L
  • Supreme 28L