Why Choose STS Health?

Experienced, reliable, genuine staff

STS Health understands that your important equipment needs to be supported by fast, competent back up. STS Health has trustworthy, mature, experienced technicians who are long term employees and who are genuinely committed to making it easier for you to manage your practice.  All technicians are screened regularly via Police Clearances. 

Sterilisation specialists

STS Health technicians undergo a sterilisation training module prior to technical training. This ensures they are all up to date with the science behind infection control and what level of standards compliance is required across the various industries and applications. STS firmly believes that the clinical science and reasoning behind what we do is an important part of ensuring safety all the way back to the patient.

Formally trained technicians

STS Health technicians undergo formalised training and are required to receive continuing professional development refresher training as part of their employment.  An STS Health trained technician has the specialist tools and access to genuine spare parts to keep your valuable medical equipment up to standard and in a reliable state.

Partnership – You are not alone

With standards compliance requirements and the day to day pressures facing you, STS Health is here to sort through it all with you.  There is a team of trained technicians, a bank of loan unit assets to respond to your urgent needs and our friendly service coordinator who will proactively contact you when your scheduled maintenance is due to help you comply with Australian Standards.

In addition to on-site care there is direct phone and email support from STS Health’s office. This back-up support can help you with any technical or customer relations questions you may have, to help you minimise down time and avoid paying for unnecessary callouts.

Detailed reporting

Detailed written reports are provided at the end of each visit so you know exactly what has been done. Transparency is important and you can be sure the documentation is of the highest level to comply with standards and regulatory bodies requirements, while written in everyday language. This documentation is then fed back into a database to ensure there is a strong feedback loop of product performance ensuring continuous improvement in product design.