Valisafe Bowie & Dick Test

Valisafe Bowie & Dick Test

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Bowie and Dick Daily Steriliser Test (B&D Test)

The Bowie & Dick test is performed at the beginning of each working shift in every vacuum assisted steam steriliser for small porous loads.
Box of 20
  • Conforms to EN ISO 11140–4
  • Independently validated to mirror the performance of the original Towel pack
  • Diagnostic capabilities: air removal, wet steam, superheated steam or presence of        non-condensable gases
  • Clear and accurate colour change
  • Easy to interpret – easy to record
  • Non-toxic, single use, disposable

The Valisafe B&D test pack fulfills the requirements of both EN 285 and EN ISO 17665

This non-toxic test is not a test of sterility but a test of the Mechanical function of the steriliser to ensure rapid and even steam penetration into a small porous load.