Bag Whirl Pak THIO dosed 100ml, Sterile

Bag Whirl Pak THIO dosed 100ml, Sterile

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100 ml capacity

With sodium thiosulfate

Specially designed for sampling and neutralising chlorinated water in preparation for Heterotrophic Plate Counts, the Whirl-Pak® Thio-Bag® is economical and convenient to use. This single use, sterilized, lightweight, unbreakable container is always ready for immediate use. It will save…

∙ Staff Time
∙ Replaces rigid Sample Containers
∙ Storage Space
∙ Disposal Costs

Used by dental practices across Australia, this strong transparent bag holds a nontoxic, nonnutritive tablet containing 10 mg of active sodium thiosulfate to neutralize chlorine at the time of collection. As an added feature, Thio-Bags® have:

∙ A Convenient Write-On Strip
∙ Markings for 100 ml Measurements

These markings help the operator collect the correct amount of water as required by the testing procedure (fill lines are approximate). The write-on strip will accept virtually any writing instrument and minimizes ink smearing on the surface. A box of 100 bags takes up considerably less space than a box of 100 sample bottles. The 4-oz. (100 ml) size bags are packaged 25 in a sealed bag, four bags per box, for easy use.

Capacity is measured in fluid ounces when the bag is closed and tab is folded over three times. Volume and dimensions are approximate. All bags are sterilized after manufacturing.